Work Nervosis

Because as a society we got to be efficient, we got to be productive but not necessarily creative.
Experimental Art by Khaoula Belaidi.

This work is inspired by the movie Metropolis 1927, an incredible movie that I hight recommend to watch.
I have used images from this movie, and others, to create this picture to picture the great psychological charge that working has on the human psyche.
Since working is regarded as necessary, moreover enters in the definition of the act of living in almost every culture, working, and not-working as well, might and do impose a considerable tension, between others upon humans.
Most educational systems were primarily set having as aim framing continuously new workers for society, we were all asked at least once: “what do you want to become when you are adult?” which is nothing but “what job are you going to take in our society as an adult”, consequently failure throughout this system is failing into being the decent citizen model.
Jobs go beyond earning money to sustain the one’s self, it is deterministic of the person’s social value, a nonworker is quite dismissed by the eye of others, and obviously, not all jobs are equally estimated. It is an entire culture that we all were raised on, being convinced that our task is to ensure the greater benefit of the society we make part of, so we keep this system alive.
I am by no means encouraging idleness, I only wanted to point out the hysterical attitude about working – if this makes any sense.
Yet I do ask: Are we allowed to choose to not work ? or can we not work?

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