Certes on existe nécessairement, cependant  *personnellement* je crois qu’on a le choix – ou la liberté – conditionné par notre teneur en volonté, de n’agir que suffisamment.

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To someone, the one.

Such a vacant house, only echos of the patters within my head resound, though speak to no one. This space, I should give it to someone.This time, I should take it with someone. I was made to host, to be a home for someone.I can’t be here for no one.Although, I don’t know if I […]

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I had this weird idea this morning, a moment of clarity they say, I had a strong feeling about something I suppose really want. So, when i look ahead of me, I don’t remotely feel motivated, I don’t often wonder about what the future holds for me, and I feel that I’ve stopped being interested […]

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I don’t think I will be able to graduate. I’m too sick to get anything done. A dark depressing thought no one would want to hear.

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Aujourd’hui le 02/02/2020, je me rebaptise et je me donne le nom d’Amina, qui signifie en langue arabe la femme véridique. Today 02nd, February, 2020, I rename myself Aminah, which is an arabic name that mean the truthful woman Call me Aminah!

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