Upon the chaos

I’m going on more social media platforms, I’ve created an Instagram profile to share my Art experiments and see how it will resonate with other people and with “real” artists. It is a risk I’m taking because I might be only a parasite in this filed… I don’t really know… but art is not restrictive, […]

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Fasting – Prolongation

She has been exercising life all morning long, roaming the streets of this city the winds of her moods cast her body at. Marching to get sensations but not to feel feels, to sense the prickly cramps deep her muscles, the sweat leaking tickling her heated skin, the adoration of her shoes squeezing her toes, […]

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Thinking alone in the motel room.

The most frustrating things about creativity and creation is that, that these are momentous and often brief. Creating takes a duration, from a start lips toward the end and so does the euphoria the creator tastes simultaneously to this magical process. But this associated euphoria is much addictive and compelling that you crave it once […]

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Moon fishing

The ghost loves fishing. Last night, around 4am, he went by the seaside, threw the hook through the steady waves then struck the handle deep in sand and laid by it pending the goods. Since it’s the midst of the month, the sand went metallic grey under the full moon light – sparkling silver. He […]

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