Hetaira seems to be one intriguing character of the ancient greek culture. She has been described as a well-educated woman of high social class who was taught or had chosen to give primarily sexual companionship to men.This been said we might think that Hetaira is merely a prostitute , yet she was more this, at […]

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Mère Assassine

The hardships between a mother and her daughter can be incurable, they almost define the relationship between the two, if they get resolved no relationship would persist, which makes the dynamics in this interaction toxic. And it is something I am experiencing since I can remember. Yet I do not know some other way to […]

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Work Nervosis

This work is inspired by the movie Metropolis 1927, an incredible movie that I hight recommend to watch.I have used images from this movie, and others, to create this picture to picture the great psychological charge that working has on the human psyche.Since working is regarded as necessary, moreover enters in the definition of the […]

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Your eyes on me

I personally couldn’t take my eyes off her, her gaze is hypnotic! This photo is mixed media art, collage of vintage photo on a background I’ve created, nothing so genius, I’ve just wanted to celebrate the beauty of hers.

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